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Was My Child's Cerebral Palsy Preventable?

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Child Cerebral Palsy

First of all, what is cerebral palsy? Cerebral palsy (CP) is defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as the irregular advancement of the brain or impairment to the evolving brain affecting a child’s capability of controlling their muscles.

Cerebral palsy may be caused by many different things. Ailments in the brain that lead to CP may happen before birth, during birth, within a month after birth, or during the first few years of a child’s life, during the time of brain development.

Congenital CP vs. Acquired CP

Congenital CP makes up the vast majority of CP (85%-90%). This kind of CP is affiliated with brain damage that occurred prior to or during childbirth. Oftentimes, the distinct source is unknown.

Acquired CP makes up a very low percentage of CP patients. It is attributed to brain damage occurring over 28 days after the baby is born. This type of CP is widely attributed to infection (like meningitis) or head injury.

CP Prevention

Oftentimes, the source or sources of congenital CP are unknown, which makes it very difficult to prevent. At this time, genetic CP is not preventable. However, there are some actions you can take to make sure you have a healthy pregnancy. Healthy pregnancies can help prevent developmental issues, including CP.

Before Pregnancy

  • Before becoming pregnant, make sure you are as healthy as possible. Be sure to treat any infections before getting pregnant.
  • Attain vaccines for diseases that could harm the baby before you become pregnant.
  • If assistive reproductive technology (ART) infertility treatments are utilized in order to become pregnant, do what is possible to decrease your chance of a multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets, etc.).

If you believe your child wrongfully acquired CP, you may be entitled to compensation. The attorneys at The Law Firm of Michael H. Bereston are highly skilled in the field of birth injury law. We have recovered millions on behalf of clients, and we can help you, too. Don’t allow negligent parties to get away with the harm of your child. Contact us right away about your Maryland birth injury case.

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