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pregnancy and high blood pressure

High Blood Pressure and Pregnancy

Outside of the usual discomforts. most women will enjoy and experience a normal and uncomplicated pregnancy. But what happens if your healthcare provider begins to notice that your blood pressure is getting higher as your pregnancy progresses? Most importantly, what does that mean for your unborn baby? Gestational Hypertension High blood pressure that develops in […]

Diabetes and Pregnancy

Diabetes and Pregnancy

You are about 7 months pregnant, and your doctor has just diagnosed you with gestational diabetes?  What does this mean, and how can this affect your pregnancy? Gestational diabetes means you develop diabetes during your pregnancy (gestation).  This condition develops during the second half of pregnancy and can affect both mom and baby. Your healthcare […]

Electric Fetal Monitoring

What is Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM)—and how this can help your unborn baby

The big day has come.  You are going into the hospital for the birth of your child.  You meet the nurse who hooks you up to a monitoring system that measures the heartrate of the baby as well as your contractions.  What is this, and why is this important in the care of your unborn […]

What is Umbilical Cord Compression and How Can it Hurt Your Baby?

When talking to your doctor about pregnancy complications, you may have discussed the topic of umbilical cord problems. There are numerous ways the umbilical cord might be compromised during pregnancy or delivery. Most of these issues are minor, fortunately, and can be addressed through prenatal care or emergency procedures. You and other expectant parents in […]

What Causes Shoulder Dystocia?

Imagine you just went through 12 hours of labor. Joyful that the birth is over, you look into the doctor’s eyes to find a look of concern. He says, “The trauma of birth has left your baby with a paralyzed arm.” The technical term for your baby’s condition is “shoulder dystocia,” this birth injury happens […]

Understanding Your Rights Pertaining to Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one is one of the most heartrending experiences you could have in life. In the medical profession, one simple mistake can have devastating results. At the law office of Michael H. Bereston, Inc., we have been there for clients in the aftermath of a tragedy that could have been avoided. […]

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