What Is Assistive Technology?

Children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities face wide-ranging challenges at each turn of life. Recent advancements in assistive technology work to help disabled survivors live their life to the best of their ability.

Assistive technology inspires disabled individuals and their families’ through:

  • Confidence - These devices may allow disabled individuals to do things they were once unable to do, which boosts confidence.
  • Self Sufficiency - Even something as simple as opening a jar can be a milestone for a disabled individual, which is why there is adaptive technology for even the simplest of tasks. The more a disabled individual can do, the more self-sufficient they can feel.
  • Quality of Life - While the benefits of these devices vary greatly from case to case, it’s not uncommon for them to allow disabled patients to live life to their fullest.

Some of the most commonly seen forms of assistive technology include:

What Is Assistive Technology?

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