Press Release

Michael Bereston to Co-Chair the American Association for Justice Birth Trauma Litigation Group

Bereston will serve as co-chair for two years, holding meetings and educational programs at AAJ conventions and leading approximately 600 lawyers who concentrate on representing birth injury victims in the United States.

The Birth Trauma Litigation Group (BTLG) at the American Association for Justice (AAJ) was established in 1989. Under the guidance of two co-chairs, the group meets at AAJ conventions, holds meetings and educational programs, and networks throughout the year.

For the next two years, Michael Bereston will serve as one of the group’s two co-chairs, helping to organize its events and provide current medical and legal information to members investigating and pursuing birth trauma litigation claims.

Mr. Bereston is extremely proud of his appointment, as well as his work with the Birth Trauma Litigation Group – past and present. Before serving as a co-chair, Bereston was the co-editor of the BTLG Journal. Bereston is also a member of the BTLG’s Executive Board.

With his new position, Mr. Bereston will continue to provide the best possible representation to birth injury clients nationwide and educate and empower attorneys across the globe, so they may give stronger legal services to people in need.

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