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Was your child born with cerebral palsy (CP), which is a severe birth injury characterized by neurological damage? There could be a real chance that your child’s CP was caused by medical malpractice on behalf of a doctor, nurse, surgeon, or obstetrician. If so, then your child and your family could be owed significant compensation to help your child live a healthy life with as few CP-related difficulties as possible thanks to extensive care and therapies.

Potter Burnett Law is a trusted Georgia law firm for birth injury cases, including cerebral palsy. Our lawyers know how to investigate complex cases, find unique pieces of evidence, and build a case from the ground up. We are fully dedicated to doing everything that we can to make your life a little less stressful by securing the most compensation for you and your child. When the livelihood of a child is n the line, we triple-down our efforts to succeed.

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What Causes Cerebral Palsy?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 2 children of every 1,000 born in the U.S. suffer cerebral palsy to some degree. While many of these cases are mild enough to allow alleviation of the most prevalent symptoms with specialized care, many are not. From birth, a child’s life can be changed forever and become more challenging.

Symptoms of cerebral palsy can include:

  • Spasticity: Spastic CP causes stiff muscles and unusually heightened reflexes, causing the child to act out unexpectedly and uncontrollably. This is the most common type of cerebral palsy.
  • Non-spastic: Non-spastic or athetoid CP causes involuntary facial, torso, and limb movements and, usually, loose muscular control.
  • Ataxic: Ataxic CP causes poor coordination and balance, which can make walking, standing, or even sitting still difficult for the child.
  • Mixed: When a child is affected by more than one type of cerebral palsy, it is called mixed CP. This is the second-most common CP diagnosis.

While learning your child has CP of any kind is upsetting, it can be frustrating and demoralizing to learn that it was likely caused by a medical professional’s mistake. Specifically, CP is believed to be caused by oxygen deprivation before, during, or shortly after delivery that results in damage to the brain. Damage to different lobes of the brain is what results in different types of CP.

Medical professionals must monitor the child’s vital signs during labor and throughout the pregnancy. Failing to watch vital signs for drops in the blood oxygen level puts the child in danger of suffering from cerebral palsy that otherwise might have been prevented. Therefore, the medical provider or institution that assisted with your child’s birth could be liable for your child’s losses.

What Can Families Recover in a CP Lawsuit?

Cerebral palsy is so devastating because it directly affects the child who has it but also impacts their family’s wellbeing. Caring for a child with CP is not simple but it is costly. When pursuing a claim against the party that caused your child’s CP through medical negligence, it is justified to demand compensation that pays for your damages and those that your child experienced.

Damages you can demand through a cerebral palsy claim include:

  • Past and future medical treatment costs for your child.
  • Therapies and rehabilitative care for your child.
  • Specialized education and living adjustment costs.
  • Pain, suffering, and hardships endured.

When your claim’s value is fully calculated, it is possible that it could exceed six figures. Insurance companies representing the defendants will not take such an amount lightly. You should anticipate harsh resistance to your claim from the start.

How Our Georgia CP Lawyers Can Help

Let Potter Burnett Law help you walk through your cerebral palsy claim, so you can be confident that it is being made correctly. You can take care of your child and yourself while we take care of your case. Together, we can find the right path to a more comfortable tomorrow for your family.

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