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What is anoxia?

As many parents in Maryland know, a brain injury can seriously affect your child's future. Not only can the trauma of such an incident cause significant emotional distress, the effects of the injury can affect your child's development or even leave them with permanent disabilities. Sadly, every year more children suffer serious brain injuries that change their lives and alter their futures.

Skull damage can affect brain injury symptoms

Many families in Maryland already know what it's like to support a family member with a traumatic brain injury. The sad fact is that these life-changing injuries are not uncommon. Some can have a far greater impact on an individual's future than others, but even minor brain injuries can be deeply distressing and take a very long time to recover from.

Excessive force could harm your baby

Any form of head trauma is a worry, no matter how old or young you may be. Every year, countless residents of Maryland have their lives permanently altered as the result of brain injuries. Some experience an unexpected fall, others are attacked or have something strike them in the head, others suffer brain injuries through oxygen deprivation. Some, however, suffer these life-changing injuries on the day that they are born.

Excessive force can cause permanent damage to your child

The arrival of a new baby is an exciting time. However, not all births go smoothly and sometimes medical professionals need to intervene to ease the process. Often this occurs without incident, leaving mother and baby healthy and happy. However, all procedures have their risks and if a single mistake is made, this could result in permanent harm to your child.

Triathlete seeks return of helmet after brain injury

The brain is a critical and delicate thing. Even the most minor of knocks can have lasting effects, depending on the part of the brain affected. The other great danger of brain injuries is that they do not always present themselves immediately. It can be days or even weeks before victims and their families find out that there is anything wrong.

Maryland man dies of brain injury

Throughout your life, it is likely that you will experience many knocks and falls in one form or another. Most of these will be minor and easily forgotten. However, every so often, these injuries can have serious repercussions, particularly in the case of head trauma. Brain injuries can be life-changing or even fatal and they can occur all too easily. A recent dispute between friends in Maryland resulted in the death of one after he struck his head on the sidewalk.

Parents sue over newborn's brain damage

Giving birth is both emotionally and physically demanding and mothers depend heavily on the diligence and professionalism of the medical staff attending them. However, any negligence or oversight can result in serious and even permanent harm to the mother and her newborn child. Sadly, in Maryland and across the U.S., children suffer lifelong injuries every year as a result of improper birthing procedures.

Brain injury victim prepares to graduate

The brain is a delicate thing and even a small knock to the head can have long-term repercussions. It is easy to forget this though, especially with all the falls and accidents that happen every day in Maryland. Brain injuries are a serious matter, however, and one that is given too little attention. They can leave people permanently changed or even in need of constant care. Nevertheless, survivors often make remarkable progress in spite of their injuries.

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