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Gestational diabetes can cause complications for baby and mother

As outlined in previous posts in this blog, there are different health issues during pregnancy that can pose risks for the mother or the unborn baby. Most pregnancies and deliveries in Maryland and elsewhere progress smoothly with few complications, but there are those in which patients suffer lasting harm and heartbreak. In cases where a gestational illness is not noticed or is misdiagnosed by an obstetrician, the results can be devastating.

Should you choose a midwife to deliver your baby?

One of the most important decisions that you will make during your pregnancy is choosing which provider in Annapolis will deliver your baby. While many still tend to trust this task to a traditional OB/GYN, more and more women are turning to midwives to handle their deliveries. While the prevailing school of thought regarding midwives is that people only choose them because their services are less expensive than physicians, there are a number of other reasons why you may be considering a midwife. They tend to have more time to dedicate to you, and also will usually be more open to exploring alternative birthing methods. 

Prenatal care basics

Expectant Maryland women and their partners should be able to enjoy the ancitipation and joy of their pregnancies as they look forward to a life with their new loved ones. Part of how this may be able to happen is through the receipt of proper prenatal care. By getting the right medical attention, pregnant moms should rest assured knowing they and their babies are in good hands.

Pregnancy complications to watch out for

If you are an expectant parent in Maryland, you deserve to spend the nine months of gestation eagerly awaiting the birth of your new bundle of joy. At the same time, however, it is important that you know about some of the potentially serious conditions that may affect you during your pregnancy. Being informed about complications that may occur while you are pregnant can help you advocate for proper care and keep you and your baby safe from serious injury or even death.

FDA rules and resources to help expectant mothers

Expectant mothers and fathers-to-be may find themselves simultaneously eager, nervous, excited and maybe a little scared. It is not unusual to see them portrayed in movies and sitcoms with stacks of books on their nightstands, constantly preoccupied with doing the right things and avoiding the wrong in order to ensure their baby grows and develops in a way they would consider healthy, strong and happy. Despite their best efforts, parents-to-be may find it difficult to navigate the labeling on their prescription drugs. In order to prevent harm to the developing child and the mother, they need to have sufficient information and counsel regarding drug information.

The long-term consequences of birth injuries

People sustain many different types of injuries in medical centers, from surgical mistakes to medication errors. Having said that, for those who sustain a pregnancy-related injury, or give birth to a child who was injured during the birthing process, the experience can be particularly devastating. At the Annapolis Law Firm of Michael H. Bereston, we have seen firsthand how upsetting and challenging life can be for families who are going through these burdens firsthand.

Recovering after a pregnancy-related injury

From motor vehicle accidents to slipping and falling, pregnant women can become injured in many different ways. Unfortunately, some suffer an injury at the hands of a negligent medical professional. At the Maryland law firm of Law Firm of Michael H. Bereston, Inc., we are very familiar with the physical, emotional and even financial hardships that pregnant women and entire families who have been through this may encounter. Moreover, these injuries frequently affect the fetus and can interfere with a child's future or even claim his or her life.

Injuries and complications associated with large babies

Expecting parents in Annapolis likely only have one wish during their pregnancies: that their babies grow to a healthy size. However, having a baby that has progressed to too large of a size could actually increase the risk of both mothers and babies experiencing injuries during the delivery process. As has been detailed earlier on this blog, babies whose weight places them above the 90th percentile for newborns of their same gestational age meet the classification of fetal macrosomia. According to information shared by the Mayo clinic, this condition occurs in roughly of all pregnancies worldwide.

Fetal macrosomia and C-sections

Measurements are collected by your doctor in Maryland throughout your pregnancy to determine the approximate size of your baby. While you want a big, healthy newborn, according to the Mayo Clinic, as your infant approaches 9 pounds, there are risk factors that come into play. In fact, if your child weighs more than 8 pounds, 13 ounces at birth, he or she will be diagnosed with fetal macrosomia. Giving birth to such a large infant can have a number of damaging effects on your body, and on your child. At Michael H. Bereston, Inc., our legal team has counseled many parents after doctors did not recognize the need for a C-section due to macrosomia.

Understanding c-sections

Expectant parents in Maryland know that in addition to the biologically natural vaginal birth, babies can be delivered via what is called a Cesarean section or, more commonly, a c-section. While the prevalance of c-section births is nothing unusual any more, this does not mean that there are no risks associated with this form of delivery. It is important for parents to understand what situations may warrant a a c-section and what issues to watch out for.

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