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The long-term consequences of birth injuries

People sustain many different types of injuries in medical centers, from surgical mistakes to medication errors. Having said that, for those who sustain a pregnancy-related injury, or give birth to a child who was injured during the birthing process, the experience can be particularly devastating. At the Annapolis Law Firm of Michael H. Bereston, we have seen firsthand how upsetting and challenging life can be for families who are going through these burdens firsthand.

Recovering after a pregnancy-related injury

From motor vehicle accidents to slipping and falling, pregnant women can become injured in many different ways. Unfortunately, some suffer an injury at the hands of a negligent medical professional. At the Maryland law firm of Law Firm of Michael H. Bereston, Inc., we are very familiar with the physical, emotional and even financial hardships that pregnant women and entire families who have been through this may encounter. Moreover, these injuries frequently affect the fetus and can interfere with a child's future or even claim his or her life.

Injuries and complications associated with large babies

Expecting parents in Annapolis likely only have one wish during their pregnancies: that their babies grow to a healthy size. However, having a baby that has progressed to too large of a size could actually increase the risk of both mothers and babies experiencing injuries during the delivery process. As has been detailed earlier on this blog, babies whose weight places them above the 90th percentile for newborns of their same gestational age meet the classification of fetal macrosomia. According to information shared by the Mayo clinic, this condition occurs in roughly of all pregnancies worldwide.

Fetal macrosomia and C-sections

Measurements are collected by your doctor in Maryland throughout your pregnancy to determine the approximate size of your baby. While you want a big, healthy newborn, according to the Mayo Clinic, as your infant approaches 9 pounds, there are risk factors that come into play. In fact, if your child weighs more than 8 pounds, 13 ounces at birth, he or she will be diagnosed with fetal macrosomia. Giving birth to such a large infant can have a number of damaging effects on your body, and on your child. At Michael H. Bereston, Inc., our legal team has counseled many parents after doctors did not recognize the need for a C-section due to macrosomia.

Understanding c-sections

Expectant parents in Maryland know that in addition to the biologically natural vaginal birth, babies can be delivered via what is called a Cesarean section or, more commonly, a c-section. While the prevalance of c-section births is nothing unusual any more, this does not mean that there are no risks associated with this form of delivery. It is important for parents to understand what situations may warrant a a c-section and what issues to watch out for.

Preeclampsia puts moms and babies at risk

Pregnant women in Maryland know that they need to stay on top of their health and the health of their unborn babies all the way through to birth. Expectant parents should also be able to count on their obstetricians and other medical professionals to help them with this along the way. If a problem arises, the proper and prompt response can sometimes make a world of difference. One condition that must be watched for is called preeclampsia.

Health risks to mothers during pregnancy and delivery

Sadly, babies are susceptible to birth injuries that can affect their whole lives if not prevented. Though some birth injuries are unavoidable, doctors may be at fault for failing to monitor the baby's condition or taking reasonable measures to prevent injury. What many people do not realize is that a mother's injuries are also relevant to a medical malpractice case if the doctor failed to monitor her condition and risk of injury as well.

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