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Failure to Diagnose Archives

Study finds cervical cancer fatalities are higher for black women

A study published in the journal Cancer found that cervical cancer mortality rates are substantially higher for African American women than they are for white women. Cervical cancer is a deadly and virulent strain of cancer that kills an estimated 4,000 women a year in the United States. It is dangerous because it is so difficult to detect. By the time it is discovered, it is often spread so far that it 's hard to bring back under control.

Failure to diagnose skin cancer: can you sue?

Failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis is a valid medical malpractice claim. This post will go over the nuance of medical malpractice claims for missing a skin cancer diagnosis. It requires you to prove the same elements as you would in any other malpractice suit, except this time, the negligence is that the doctor missed something critical that another doctor would have discovered. Furthermore, you must prove that if that doctor had caught it, you would have had a reduced or preventable injury.

Holding therapists and psychologists accountable

Many people know that they can sue their doctor if their doctor makes a mistake during treatment and that error harms them. But what you may not know is that you can also hold your psychologists or therapist accountable if they fail to treat you. Psychology may sound like a "squishy" area of medicine in which it 's hard to treat, let alone cure, people of their issues. But therapists, like medical doctors, are held to a professional standard which requires them to treat you reasonably and do their best to help you.

Failure to diagnose a pulmonary embolism: possible recovery

Doctors are human and humans are prone to commit mistakes. That is why hospitals adopt multiple redundancies to ensure that every error is caught before it develops into a grave or fatal condition. For example, pulmonary embolisms are caused by blood clots, pockets of air or other substances that block the pulmonary arteries which feed blood into the lungs. If a pulmonary embolism goes untreated or undiagnosed, it can and often does become fatal. This post will go over how you may recover for a misdiagnosed pulmonary embolism ("PE").

Failure to diagnose results in $2.5 million lawsuit

Failure to diagnose sounds like a good little mistake that doctors occasionally make, after all, diagnosing an illness is complicated. Anyone who watched House knows that there is a multitude of explanations for symptoms and therefore doctors rely on their experience and training to correctly diagnose illnesses, however, failure to diagnose is still an ongoing issue because doctors are human and make mistakes.

Women's injuries during delivery often go undiagnosed

A series of recent studies found that women often suffer serious injuries after giving birth and rarely receive the medical attention they require. Giving birth to a child is a wondrous experience, but it is also incredibly brutal and hard on women's bodies. Unfortunately, many women's injuries go undiagnosed, sometimes for years, after giving birth.

Can MRI's benefit mothers after childbirth?

A study from the University of Michigan sought to answer this question by placing several new mothers through MRIs to measure the extent of their injuries. MRIs are traditionally used in sports medicine after an athlete sustains an injury. The researchers found that new mothers suffer similar injuries as endurance sports athletes and that MRIs are well-placed to identify these injuries to ensure that these mothers receive the treatment they need.

What factors may influence filing a medical malpractice suit?

A state-created task force calls on Maryland to create a 'fund' to provide lifetime medical care to children who suffer from birth-related neurological injuries. The state task force has made this call two times in the past. The fund would be modeled on similar ones started in Virginia and Florida. The purpose of the fund is to allow families to forego the need for litigation to care for their child. The goal is to make it easier for families to obtain compensation and to lower the cost of medical malpractice litigation.

Pancreatic cancer is frequently misdiagnosed

A study presented at the annual Digestive Disease Week found that pancreatic cancer was misdiagnosed 31 percent of the time. This study highlights the nebulous nature of modern medicine. Doctors are called upon to examine patients and deduce disease and sickness with indirect observation. Doctors are unable to directly observe most diseases and they must infer based upon symptoms and tests. Unfortunately, this means that many patients may be misdiagnosed and that could seriously endanger their health.

How do you know if a misdiagnosis occurred?

Diagnosing an illness or condition is like trying to solve a puzzle in the dark with a blindfold on. Doctor's cannot just open us up and take a look inside (not without a major surgery), so they are forced to rely on indirect methods of investigation. To assist doctors in this methodical trial and error process, there are professional organizations that compile data to inform doctors of probabilities. These standards are great because it makes available to doctors the latest in medical science. But, it also requires that they keep abreast of all new developments. This article will go over how you can know if you were the victim of a misdiagnosis.

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