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What causes shoulder dystocia?

Imagine you just went through 12 hours of labor. Joyful that the birth is over, you look into the doctor's eyes to find a look of concern. He says, "The trauma of birth has left your baby with a paralyzed arm."

Did a medical mistake cause your baby's torticollis?

For most new parents, the biggest source of anxiety is the potential for a sick or injured baby. Losing a baby, or having a child with an acquired disability, can be devastating for families. You may have felt relief when your child was born, seemingly healthy and normal. After several weeks, however, it has become obvious that there is something wrong.

Inadequate fetal monitoring can lead to birth injuries or death

Most women spend their pregnancy preparing for labor, delivery and life with a baby. That can mean birthing classes, breathing practices, turning an office into a nursery and picking the best OB/GYN around. Expectant mothers place a lot of trust in the medical professionals who attend their pregnancy and birth. Most of the time, doctors and nurses prove that the trust of their patients was well placed. Sometimes, however, people in the medical field can make mistakes.

Did Gentamicin cause permanent damage to your baby?

Birth injuries can result from a range of medical issues. Sometimes, doctors fail to realize that an infant is in distress because of issues with fetal monitoring. Other times, an OB/GYN could decide to administer a drug to a mother in labor in an off-label manner, which can result in serious injuries or even death. Other times, a drug properly administered can cause permanent injuries to your child.

Are you at risk of preeclampsia?

Preeclampsia is a risk that many pregnant women face. It occurs when the expectant mother has high blood pressure and protein in her urine. The condition often develops after the 20th week of pregnancy. Headaches and blurry visions are among some of the symptoms that you might experience. Preeclampsia can be very dangerous for both you and your child, especially if left untreated.

3 ways a cerebral palsy diagnosis will change your life

Pregnancy is a time of hopeful expectations. Mothers-to-be spend many hours patiently awaiting the arrival of their little bundle of joy. Tragically, a mom can do everything right during pregnancy and labor and still have her newborn sustain birth injuries if a doctor makes a mistake.

Birth injuries are not the same as birth defects

Expectant parents want to bring home a healthy child. While this does occur in most cases, there are instances in which cases can take a turn for the worst. For these parents, finding out what is wrong with their child, learning the treatment plan, and understanding the prognosis becomes a priority.

Misoprostol use in labor can cause birth injuries or even death

The drug Misoprostol, brand name Cytotec, is an ulcer drug. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a label for the drug that specifically speaks about the dangers of administering Misoprostol during labor or pregnancy. The FDA clearly states that use of the drug in an off-label manner during or after labor is not an approved use of the drug.

Overcoming the challenges of a child with cerebral palsy

During pregnancy, you probably envisioned your child growing up running around freely, playing with other children and otherwise growing up happy and healthy. Those dreams were then shattered when a doctor diagnosed your child with cerebral palsy. Your love for your child doesn't change, but how you, your child and the rest of your family live will.

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