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Awareness of birth injury details

There are multiple causes of birth injuries in Maryland, as many factors come into play. Assisted deliveries, improper use of tools, failure to diagnose conditions, and wrong dosage of medication are only a few factors that can lead to birth injuries, which in turn lead to legal predicaments.

Birth injury risks and cerebral palsy

Many Maryland residents have likely seen people with children who exhibit visual and physical symptoms of having cerebral palsy. Many others may know someone personally who has a child with cerebral palsy. While some people develop cerebral palsy congenitally, WebMD explains that as many as 20 percent of people with CP developed it due to an injury that occured during the pregnancy, labor, delivery or even right after birth.

Wrongful birth suit approved

Expectant parents in Maryland know that problems during pregnancy or birth can and do develop. Some of these problems may be congenital and unavoidable by any actions taken by mothers or health care providers. However, this is one of the reasons that prenatal care can be so important as it may offer families the opportunity to learn of these  things before a baby is born. One family in Iowa was denied this ability and now are seeking legal recourse for the denial of that privilege.

Issues with non-necessary c-sections

Maryland residents who are expecting the birth of a new baby should know that their vigilance and active participation in a mother's prenatal care and the labor and delivery experience can matter a lot. Despite many medical advances, pregnancy and childbirth do still come with an associated set of risks. According to Consumer Reports, however, some of these risks may be completely unnecessary and actually introduced by the hospitals at which women give birth. 

Blood test may help identify risk of preemie birth

Maryland residents who are pregnant or expecting new babies should be able to focus on the joy to come when their new love arrives. However, the reality remains that pregnancy is a medical condition and experience and there are risks associated with it at every step of the way. These risks may pose potential injury to mothers or babies or even both in some cases.

Understanding hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy

Expecting mothers in Annapolis want only the best when it comes to their deliveries. However, incidents can and do happen, which can lead to devastating conditions. Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) is one such condition that can cause a range of issues for a new baby, and may even result in a lifelong disability.

Brain injury during birth leads to $42 million award

Maryland parents who are expecting a new baby should be able to focus on the joy and anticipation of the arrival of their bundle of joy. They should also be able to trust in the good judgement of their health care professionals from obstetricians to labor and delivery nurses and more. Sadly, there are times when these people let parents down and do not do the right things. Even more sad is that these situations can result in lifelong problems for parents and babies alike.

Understanding meconium aspiration syndrome

The delivery process can turn into quite an ordeal for expectant parents in Annapolis. However, if birthing a baby is rough on them, one can only imagine how much more difficult it is on a newborn. Several different complications can occur during delivery, ranging from minor issues that can typically be easily addressed to life-threatening health concerns. One whose impact can range to either end of the spectrum is meconium aspiration syndrome.

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