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Should you choose a midwife to deliver your baby?

One of the most important decisions that you will make during your pregnancy is choosing which provider in Annapolis will deliver your baby. While many still tend to trust this task to a traditional OB/GYN, more and more women are turning to midwives to handle their deliveries. While the prevailing school of thought regarding midwives is that people only choose them because their services are less expensive than physicians, there are a number of other reasons why you may be considering a midwife. They tend to have more time to dedicate to you, and also will usually be more open to exploring alternative birthing methods. 

In terms of the scope of their practice, midwives in Maryland are regulated by the state's Board of Nursing. They are permitted to provide advice, supervision and care to you during your pregnancy, the delivery, and your postpartum care. Specific to the delivery itself, they are allowed to: 

  • Monitor both yours and your baby's progress
  • Administer approved medications and intravenous fluids
  • Perform an emergency episiotomy (if necessary), and suture it with the administration of a local anesthetic

Midwives are also authorized to deliver babies outside of a hospital in birthing center facilities or your own home. They can also provide routine pediatric care for your baby up to 72 hours following delivery. 

A midwife should not consider accepting you as a patient if you have health conditions that could contribute to a high-risk pregnancy. Furthermore, such a provider is required to arrange for a transfer to a hospital if you request it, or if you or your baby experience any complications with the delivery. If delivery is imminent and such a transfer is not possible, the midwife must consult with a physician regarding the proper management of your case before attempting to complete the delivery. 

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