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Prenatal care basics

Expectant Maryland women and their partners should be able to enjoy the ancitipation and joy of their pregnancies as they look forward to a life with their new loved ones. Part of how this may be able to happen is through the receipt of proper prenatal care. By getting the right medical attention, pregnant moms should rest assured knowing they and their babies are in good hands.

Knowing what constitutes good prenatal care is important so people can advocate for themselves when and where needed. WebMD explains that even in pregnancies that appear to be trouble-free, women should expect to make regular visits to their doctors. The frequency of these visits should increase as the pregnancy advances with visits happening at least once a week in the last month of a full-term pregnancy.

Some women will require more frequent visits even early in their pregnancies for varying reasons. These may include the presence of any maternal health conditions present before conception such as diabetes or being older than 35 years of age. If a mother develops conditions like preeclampsia during pregnancy, that may also necessitate more frequent prental visits.

According to American Family Physician, women should be provided proper recommendations by their doctors before and during pregnancy such as taking folic acid supplements or getting screenings for iron levels and gestational diabetes. It is also important that pregnant women are advised as to when it may be appropriate for them to be screened for infections like streptococcus or sexually transmitted diseases that could negatively impact their pregnancies or their babies.




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