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$3 million verdict in birth injury case

Expectant parents across Maryland look forward to the birth of their child with hope and anticipation. However, when complication leads to an injury to the baby during his or her birth, there can be significant costs associated with the continued care of your child, in addition to the confusion and stress that comes in such a situation. A jury recently awarded a large sum to a family in such circumstances.

As USA Today reports, a Delaware jury came back with a $3 million verdict against a doctor who caused a birth injury when he pulled the baby out by his head in delivery. The child, who is now nine years old, suffered permanent damage to his shoulder. Prior to using this procedure in 2008, the doctor did not disclose the risk of the nerve damage occurring to the mother. The doctor is expected to keep his license.

The baby weighed 8 pounds, 13 ounces at birth and he is healthy other than to the damage to his arm. His mother had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes while pregnant, which can contribute to larger birthweights in babies.

According to MedicalXpress.com, a new clinical trial in the UK is studying whether inducing birth earlier when a baby is predicted to be larger can reduce birth injuries and complications. The study, which is being conducted by the Perinatal Institute, University of Warwick, and University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) NHS Trust, will follow 4,000 pregnancies in 60 maternity wards across England where the baby is suspected to be larger than average. Mothers who choose to participate will be randomly assigned to either be induced around 38 weeks or to be in the control group that awaits labor to commence naturally. The researchers will focus on whether an earlier birth reduces complications in delivery associated with the baby's shoulders.

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