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October 2017 Archives

Home birth pros and cons

For many expectant parents in Maryland, the thought of bringing their baby into the world in their own familiar surroundings is a long-time dream. Home births are not new yet they remain controversial among some groups. The Mayo Clinic explains that even when choosing to give birth to a baby at home rather than in a hospital or in a birthing center, mothers can still have access to medical care.

Should you choose a midwife to deliver your baby?

One of the most important decisions that you will make during your pregnancy is choosing which provider in Annapolis will deliver your baby. While many still tend to trust this task to a traditional OB/GYN, more and more women are turning to midwives to handle their deliveries. While the prevailing school of thought regarding midwives is that people only choose them because their services are less expensive than physicians, there are a number of other reasons why you may be considering a midwife. They tend to have more time to dedicate to you, and also will usually be more open to exploring alternative birthing methods. 

For bigger babies, Erb's Palsy can be a concern

As many Maryland mothers know, there can be trepidation leading up to the birth of a baby, in addition to the excitement. Wondering about what a baby will be like or how the delivery will go can occupy a lot of brain space leading up to a baby's birth. The size of the baby can also be a concern, and one mothers should talk with their doctors about.

Inadequate fetal monitoring can lead to birth injuries or death

Most women spend their pregnancy preparing for labor, delivery and life with a baby. That can mean birthing classes, breathing practices, turning an office into a nursery and picking the best OB/GYN around. Expectant mothers place a lot of trust in the medical professionals who attend their pregnancy and birth. Most of the time, doctors and nurses prove that the trust of their patients was well placed. Sometimes, however, people in the medical field can make mistakes.

Prenatal care basics

Expectant Maryland women and their partners should be able to enjoy the ancitipation and joy of their pregnancies as they look forward to a life with their new loved ones. Part of how this may be able to happen is through the receipt of proper prenatal care. By getting the right medical attention, pregnant moms should rest assured knowing they and their babies are in good hands.

$3 million verdict in birth injury case

Expectant parents across Maryland look forward to the birth of their child with hope and anticipation. However, when complication leads to an injury to the baby during his or her birth, there can be significant costs associated with the continued care of your child, in addition to the confusion and stress that comes in such a situation. A jury recently awarded a large sum to a family in such circumstances.

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