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Pregnancy complications to watch out for

If you are an expectant parent in Maryland, you deserve to spend the nine months of gestation eagerly awaiting the birth of your new bundle of joy. At the same time, however, it is important that you know about some of the potentially serious conditions that may affect you during your pregnancy. Being informed about complications that may occur while you are pregnant can help you advocate for proper care and keep you and your baby safe from serious injury or even death.

BabyCenter.com indicates that regular prenatal checks for blood pressure and urinalysis are important as elevated blood pressure and levels of protein in your urine may signal pre-eclampsia. This condition requires careful monitoring of you and your baby. You may need to reduce your activity or even eventually deliver your baby early although certainly carrying your baby as far into term as safely possible is preferable.

If you become pregnant but the eggs manages to implant in a fallopian tube rather than the placenta, your doctor should take prompt action to avoid you experiencing severe internal bleeding that may eventually be fatal. In otherwise normal pregnancies, the position of your placenta may signal the need for a c-section and again is a conversation your doctor should have with you.

If you would like to know more about some of the conditions and symptoms that you should be aware of during your pregnancy and the type of care you should receive, please feel free to visit the pregnant mom and newborn page of our Maryland birth injury website.

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