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Did Gentamicin cause permanent damage to your baby?

Birth injuries can result from a range of medical issues. Sometimes, doctors fail to realize that an infant is in distress because of issues with fetal monitoring. Other times, an OB/GYN could decide to administer a drug to a mother in labor in an off-label manner, which can result in serious injuries or even death. Other times, a drug properly administered can cause permanent injuries to your child.

Gentamicin is a common generic antibiotic used by many hospitals. If your doctor believes you could pass an infection to your unborn baby or if medical records regarding your status with certain sexually-transmitted infections aren't available, you could receive this drug during labor and delivery. While the drug is mostly safe, in some cases it can cause permanent damage to hearing or the vestibular system.

Why vestibular injuries are a major concern

If you don't understand what the vestibular system does for your body, you are not alone. Many people don't understand this critical and intricate part of their bodies. The vestibular system is responsible for balance, sensory information processing about motion and spatial orientation. The system is comprised of parts of your inner ear, such as the utricle, three canals and the saccule.

When there is damage to any of the components of your vestibular system, a range of symptoms can arise. Balancing while standing, walking or even sitting could become difficult. Those with vestibular conditions could sense motion in the ground when there is none or be unable to detect information about motion under their feet. Symptoms like vertigo and difficulty standing steadily can have a profound impact on the development of your infant.

If your child can't feel balance or properly process information about spatiel orientation and movement, developing gross motor skills can get delayed. In extreme cases, it may be impossible with special interventions or medical intervention.

Your child could have issues with mobiliy for the rest of his or her life as the result of damage to the vestibular system in the inner ear. As many as 15 percent to 50 percent of cases of bilateral vestibulopathy are related to Gentamicin administration.

Hearing loss is also a risk

In roughly five to ten percent of the population who receive Gentamicin intraveneously, hearing ototoxicity results. That means that between one in twenty and one in ten people who receive this drug could end up losing some of their hearing. Most of the time, only the ability to hear very high pitches is impacted, but your child should not have to start out life with compromised hearing.

There are other, safer drugs that can get used instead of Gentamicin. Doctors and hospitals use this drug to save a few dollars over the cost of other antibiotics. If you believe your baby has hearing loss or balance issues resulting from this drug, you need to explore your options for recourse.

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