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Are you at risk of preeclampsia?

Preeclampsia is a risk that many pregnant women face. It occurs when the expectant mother has high blood pressure and protein in her urine. The condition often develops after the 20th week of pregnancy. Headaches and blurry visions are among some of the symptoms that you might experience. Preeclampsia can be very dangerous for both you and your child, especially if left untreated.

While there is no proven way to prevent preeclampsia, there are certain things you can do to lessen the risk. For example, maintaining a healthy weight and sticking to a nutritious dietary plan can help reduce your chances of developing the condition. In addition, your doctor should be able to detect preeclampsia early enough to manage it effects. However, if your doctor fails to diagnose or treat the condition and it leads to injuries to yourself or your child, you may be able to take legal action. Read further to find out more about the causes and risks of preeclampsia.

Risk factors

Among expectant mothers, maybe five to ten percent experience high blood pressure. Fortunately, the cases of severe preeclampsia are much less frequent. Some of the risk factors that may lead to preeclampsia include being over the age of 40 or under the age of 20, carrying multiples and a history of high blood pressure while not pregnant. Previous preeclampsia diagnoses or being obese can also increase your risk of developing the condition. Other chronic illnesses, like diabetes, may contribute to the risk as well.

If left untreated

If you suffer from preeclampsia and the condition remains untreated, you and your child could face some very serious consequences. The placenta could become damaged and, in turn, cause an injury to your child. In addition, it could negatively affect your liver and kidneys and even cause brain damage or seizures. Your child could also be born premature or underweight. In some cases, preeclampsia can be so severe that it is fatal to both the mother and the child.

If you suspect that you might suffer from preeclampsia, you should see your doctor right away. However, if your Maryland doctor fails to diagnose or treat you for the condition when it was warranted and you or your child suffered a birth injury due to his or her neglect, you may be able to pursue a legal claim. Your attorney will be able to help you fight for the justice that you deserve.

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