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America and the tragedy of pregnancy-related injuries

When it comes to child birth, most Americans don't think twice about the trust they place in the health system. Unfortunately, however, a devastating number of women in the country experience injuries upon birth. In Maryland, victims of birth injuries may seek settlements from doctors who made errors in prenatal care and upon delivery, but there are facts to know about childbirth and the injuries that can occur.

An article on National Public Radio explains that, with doctors' immense focus on infants during childbirth, they may unintentionally fail to recognize dangerous symptoms of mothers. According to NPR, 700 to 900 women in the U.S. die from pregnancy or childbirth-related causes every year, and roughly 65,000 nearly die from such causes. So, many ask, what is the reason for such a high rate of birthing complications in a developed country? Many mothers who died from pregnancy-related causes suffered heart problems, massive hemorrhages, blood clots, infections and other illnesses. Among the explanations for such tragedies are the fact that new mothers are older than in the past, have unplanned pregnancies and simply do not have the financial stability to receive the care they need. Other experts in the field point out that new technologies have widened the gap between maternal and fetal and infant care. 

Consumer Reports also acknowledges this widespread issue, and offers a list of procedures that expecting mothers should avoid. Suggesting that medical expediency often takes priority over the best outcomes and evidence-based treatements, CR lists the following procedures that can potentially make childbirth risks all the higher (not all procedures are included in this list):

  • C-section with a low-risk first birth
  • Automatic second C-section
  • Elective early delivery
  • Inducing labor without medical reason
  • Early epidurals

The article from CR also states that, while nurseries and intensive care can be beneficial to infants, in some cases, allowing healthy infants and mothers to stay together promotes normal breastfeeding, bonding and other needs of the infant.  



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