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Failure of staff to act after Pitocin overdose results in lawsuit

The many advances made in the field of gynecological and obstetrical science in recent years may have caused many to being to view the process of childcare as being routine. Yet even with all of the resources available to providers, birth injuries. That is often due to the fact that all of the equipment and treatment options available to clinicians to assist with deliveries are essentially rendered moot if they fail to pick up on the need to intervene in time.

Such a failure was cited in a lawsuit filed by a family whose daughter suffered brain damage during her delivery that left her suffering from cerebral palsy. The family’s attorney claims that the providers employed by the hospital named in their lawsuit administered too much Pitocin (a drug given to induce labor) to the girl’s mother. The excess Pitocin allegedly caused the mother to experience too many contractions, which in turn reduced the amount of blood carrying oxygen to the baby’s brain. The family goes on to claim that the hospital staff did not notice that the baby was in distress, which ultimately resulted in her not being delivered quickly enough to avoid permanent brain damage. The hospital recent agreed to multimillion-dollar settlement which will go towards meeting the expenses of the extensive that the girl, now six years old, continues to need.

It is often the need to afford such expenses that prompts families affected by birth injuries into seeking compensation rather than feelings of vindictiveness. Such compensation can help relieve the added stress they no doubt feel on top of their concern for their little ones. Those needing to initiate legal action in the wake of a birth injury may wish to first secure the services of an experienced attorney.

Source: Chicago Tribune “Sauk Village family reaches $15M settlement over alleged brain damage during delivery” Yerak, Becky, July 26, 2017

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