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Wrongful birth suit approved

Expectant parents in Maryland know that problems during pregnancy or birth can and do develop. Some of these problems may be congenital and unavoidable by any actions taken by mothers or health care providers. However, this is one of the reasons that prenatal care can be so important as it may offer families the opportunity to learn of these  things before a baby is born. One family in Iowa was denied this ability and now are seeking legal recourse for the denial of that privilege.

Referred to as wrongful birth, the case involves a concept that some states explicity forbid legal action regarding while others do allow such action. Iowa to date has no laws in place regarding this and the State Supreme Court recently issued a ruling that gives the parents the right to proceed with a lawsuit originally blocked by a lower court judge. Especially because of the disparity in how this is handled around the country, it can be important for people in any state including Maryland to follow this case.

While a prenatal ultrasound is said to have revealed severe disabilities, the parents say that they were reassured by doctors that their baby was healthy and had no problems. In reality, he was born with disabilities so severe that he is expected to remain non-verbal and unable to walk for his entire life. The parents indicate they would have chosen to terminate the pregnancy had they been properly informed by doctors during the pregnancy.

Families in Maryland who have had their trust in medical professionals may want to learn what type of compensation may be available and how to seek it by talking with an experienced attorney.

Source: ABC News, "Court: Parents of disabled child can sue for wrongful birth," Ryan J. Foley, June 2, 2017

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