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Reviewing the pros and cons of assisted deliveries

Here at Michael H. Bereston, Inc., we have helped several families who have tragically seen their babies' lives forever altered due to improper use of tools such as forceps and/or vacuum extractors during delivery. Assisted delivery has helped countless women and newborns overcome complications that, in the past, could have endangered their lives. The question is when is such intervention appropriate?

 Having your doctor intervene in your delivery can present risks to both yourself and your baby The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has identified these risks to be an increased chance of you sustaining an injury to your vagina, perineum or anus, or to experience temporary bouts of incontinence. Your baby can sustain injuries to his or her head, scalp, eyes, as well as nerve damage in the upper extremities. These risks, however, may be acceptable compared to the complications that can arise with a prolonged delivery. Thus, your doctor is encouraged to consider the following factors before stepping in to intervene in your delivery: 

  •          Has your baby's progression down the birth canal slowed or stalled?
  •          Have there been any disturbing signs with his or her heart rate?
  •          Do you suffer from any medical conditions that would prevent you from pushing safely or over a prolonged period of time?

 As is the case with any aspect of your health care, you should be consulted with before your doctor makes any decisions. Questions to ask before progressing with an assisted delivery are whether or not your cervix is full dilated, or whether your baby's should be engaged at this point in your delivery. More information on preparing for delivery can be found here on our site.


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