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Recovering after a pregnancy-related injury

From motor vehicle accidents to slipping and falling, pregnant women can become injured in many different ways. Unfortunately, some suffer an injury at the hands of a negligent medical professional. At the Maryland law firm of Law Firm of Michael H. Bereston, Inc., we are very familiar with the physical, emotional and even financial hardships that pregnant women and entire families who have been through this may encounter. Moreover, these injuries frequently affect the fetus and can interfere with a child's future or even claim his or her life.

Physicians have a responsibility to provide their patients with proper care, especially women who are carrying a child. Unfortunately, some fail to take care of the needs of their patients, whether they are too busy, do not have enough experience or simply do not care. When certain pregnancy-related conditions are left unattended, such as pre-eclampsia and diabetes that develops during pregnancy, the outcome can be devastating for mothers as well as their children.

Not only can a mother suffer physical harm, but these injuries can have a significant impact on a child, even if the child is fortunate enough to survive. Sadly, his or her development may be interrupted and they may struggle with injuries that will affect them long-term. As a result, medical professionals who fail to take care of their patients due to negligence should be held answerable.

If you go to our page on pregnancy-related medical malpractice, you can read more about different issues that injured pregnant women may encounter.

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