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Injuries and complications associated with large babies

Expecting parents in Annapolis likely only have one wish during their pregnancies: that their babies grow to a healthy size. However, having a baby that has progressed to too large of a size could actually increase the risk of both mothers and babies experiencing injuries during the delivery process. As has been detailed earlier on this blog, babies whose weight places them above the 90th percentile for newborns of their same gestational age meet the classification of fetal macrosomia. According to information shared by the Mayo clinic, this condition occurs in roughly of all pregnancies worldwide.

Delivering a large baby can pose certain unique risks to a mother. These include:

  • Uterine rupture: Those who carry a large baby after having previously had a C-section are at an increased risk if having their uterus tear long their scar lines.
  • Genital tract lacerations: Pushing a baby that is large for his or her gestational age through the birth canal can results in increased tissue and muscle tears, which can lead to infection and/or future urinary retention problems.
  • Post-delivery bleeding: The straining and tearing that often occurs when delivering LGA babies can result in increased bleeding following delivery.

The Merck Manual lists the most common injuries suffered by LGA babies during the delivery process as being brachial plexus injuries (damage to the nerves of the shoulders) and clavicle fractures. Their risk of complications does not end at with their deliveries, however. Large babies are at an increased risk of developing hypoglycemia after birth, causing them to appear jittery, limp or listless. Their chances of developing metabolic syndrome are also increased. This is actually a range of conditions such as hyperglycemia, hypertension, and abnormal cholesterol levels. These complications can make it more likely for them suffer strokes or heart attacks, or to develop diabetes. 

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