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Blood test may help identify risk of preemie birth

Maryland residents who are pregnant or expecting new babies should be able to focus on the joy to come when their new love arrives. However, the reality remains that pregnancy is a medical condition and experience and there are risks associated with it at every step of the way. These risks may pose potential injury to mothers or babies or even both in some cases.

Of all of the types of pregnancy or birth injuries commonly discussed today, one area that has not typically received strong focus yet should have it is premature births. Across the developing world, the United States actually experiences more babies born prematurely than any other nation. An estimated 10 percent of all babies are born too early between the weeks of 20 and 37 of the typical 40 weeks of gestation.

Often no symptoms are evident for a potential preemie birth but research is underway to identify ways to get insight into the early signs so action can be taken. For women who do display signs that indicate a potential early birth, careful and diligent monitoring by a doctor is essential in order to try and prevent the birth from happening too soon. The longer a baby can be in utero, the better its chances for fully developed organs and systems.

Parents who have babies born too early and have concerns about inappropriate care by physicians that may have prevented a premature birth may want to talk to an attorney to learn about their options.

Source: U.S. News and World Report, "The Overlooked Pregnancy Epidemic: Premature Birth," Jill Hechtman, M.D., May 16, 2017

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