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May 2017 Archives

Issues with non-necessary c-sections

Maryland residents who are expecting the birth of a new baby should know that their vigilance and active participation in a mother's prenatal care and the labor and delivery experience can matter a lot. Despite many medical advances, pregnancy and childbirth do still come with an associated set of risks. According to Consumer Reports, however, some of these risks may be completely unnecessary and actually introduced by the hospitals at which women give birth. 

Blood test may help identify risk of preemie birth

Maryland residents who are pregnant or expecting new babies should be able to focus on the joy to come when their new love arrives. However, the reality remains that pregnancy is a medical condition and experience and there are risks associated with it at every step of the way. These risks may pose potential injury to mothers or babies or even both in some cases.

Misoprostol use in labor can cause birth injuries or even death

The drug Misoprostol, brand name Cytotec, is an ulcer drug. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a label for the drug that specifically speaks about the dangers of administering Misoprostol during labor or pregnancy. The FDA clearly states that use of the drug in an off-label manner during or after labor is not an approved use of the drug.

Injuries and complications associated with large babies

Expecting parents in Annapolis likely only have one wish during their pregnancies: that their babies grow to a healthy size. However, having a baby that has progressed to too large of a size could actually increase the risk of both mothers and babies experiencing injuries during the delivery process. As has been detailed earlier on this blog, babies whose weight places them above the 90th percentile for newborns of their same gestational age meet the classification of fetal macrosomia. According to information shared by the Mayo clinic, this condition occurs in roughly of all pregnancies worldwide.

Understanding hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy

Expecting mothers in Annapolis want only the best when it comes to their deliveries. However, incidents can and do happen, which can lead to devastating conditions. Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) is one such condition that can cause a range of issues for a new baby, and may even result in a lifelong disability.

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