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Understanding meconium aspiration syndrome

The delivery process can turn into quite an ordeal for expectant parents in Annapolis. However, if birthing a baby is rough on them, one can only imagine how much more difficult it is on a newborn. Several different complications can occur during delivery, ranging from minor issues that can typically be easily addressed to life-threatening health concerns. One whose impact can range to either end of the spectrum is meconium aspiration syndrome.

Most everyone understands that fluid surrounds a bay as it is growing and developing within his or her mother’s amniotic sac. What many may not know is that immediately prior to or during delivery, it is not uncommon for a baby to experience a bowel movement. The early feces that a baby produces is called meconium, and if passed while still in the womb, it can mix with the amniotic fluid and be inhaled by the child, thus leading to MAS. According to the website KidsHealth.org, meconium-stained amniotic fluid may be found in as many as one in four live births, with 11 percent of those cases resulting in MAS.

HealthLine.com list some of the potential complications linked to MAS as including:

  •          Oxygen deprivation
  •          Pneumothorax (air accumulation around the lung)
  •          Persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn

These complications can lead to severe infections, brain damage or even death. The symptoms associated with MAS are often immediately apparent. Babies born with bluish hue to their skin, feeling limp and struggling to cry and breathe may be suffering from it. Doctors or other clinicians who notice this should suction the airway immediately.

An indicator that a baby may be suffering from MAS is fetal stress during the delivery. Symptoms such as a slow heart rate should prompt doctors to intervene to assist delivery in order to assess the baby. 

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