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Understanding c-sections

Expectant parents in Maryland know that in addition to the biologically natural vaginal birth, babies can be delivered via what is called a Cesarean section or, more commonly, a c-section. While the prevalance of c-section births is nothing unusual any more, this does not mean that there are no risks associated with this form of delivery. It is important for parents to understand what situations may warrant a a c-section and what issues to watch out for.

As explained by the March of Dimes, complications during the labor and delivery process may necessitate a c-section. These include improper position of the baby and a potential squeezing of the umbilical cord that could cut off nutrition, blood and oxygen to the baby. Situations in which a baby is known to be distressed, such as when a heart rate drops, may also indicate that a c-section should be performed.

Complications that arise during pregnancy or that are already present before pregnancy can also lead to the decision to have a c-section. Mothers with conditions like diabetes or who have had prior c-section births may be slated for these types of deliveries. Women who have sexually transmitted diseases may need c-sections in order to avoid spreading the diseases to their newborn babies.

WebMD adds that just as with any other surgery, a Cesarean birth poses some risks to mothers. There is always a concern of infection developing at the point of incision as well as care for other organs in the surgical region. Blood clots must be watched for during recovery as well.





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