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Overcoming the challenges of a child with cerebral palsy

During pregnancy, you probably envisioned your child growing up running around freely, playing with other children and otherwise growing up happy and healthy. Those dreams were then shattered when a doctor diagnosed your child with cerebral palsy. Your love for your child doesn't change, but how you, your child and the rest of your family live will.

Your child faces many challenges in life, and understanding what they are and how to overcome them could help you provide your child with as "normal" a life as possible. You don't have to sacrifice your child's happiness just because he or she has cerebral palsy. The old saying that "it takes a village" to raise a child may never be more true than for your child. Enlisting the help of different professionals can help your child live life to the fullest extent possible.

Getting around

Nearly everyone with cerebral palsy faces some sort of challenge when it comes to mobility. An orthopedist can help evaluate and manage your child's mobility issues. As your child grows, those needs could change as you gain a clearer picture of what your child needs to move around as well as he or she possibly can.


Not all children with cerebral palsy have communication issues, but if yours does, a speech therapist could prove invaluable. Alternative methods of communication could assist your child in getting his or her needs, wants and thoughts out to you, if needed. Even if it doesn't appear that this will be an issue early on, it may help to have some speech therapy to head off any potential problems as your child ages.

Eating and drinking

If your child has difficulties grasping a fork, knife or spoon, you may need to provide assistance when it comes to mealtimes. Again, a speech therapist could help develop a method of communication to make mealtime less stressful for everyone involved. Furthermore, you might need a dietician or nutritionist to help develop a meal plan that meets your child's dietary needs.


Sleep is an essential part of everyone's life. Managing your child's discomfort and pain could make bedtime more comfortable. Many children with cerebral palsy can't move their muscles adequately to find a position in which they can sleep. A physical therapist can help find a way for your child to get into a comfortable sleeping position.


Managing your child's physical limitations when it comes to bathing, brushing teeth and using the bathroom often requires some assistance. Every parent teaches his or her children how to do these things, but your child could need additional help. You might need to provide assistance in these activities on a daily basis, but you should still encourage your child to participate in these activities as much as possible.

Playing, learning and attending school

Your child needs to experience as much of life as possible. Even though he or she has limitations, involving your child in as much playtime, learning and school as possible expands his or her world. Unfortunately, children — and adults — can be cruel. Talking to your child about this and watching for signs of bullying and abuse can help keep your child from emotional and physical pain.

Paying for your child's care

Raising a child comes with numerous expenses, but when your child suffers from a disability, the costs can quickly get out of hand. Health insurance may only cover certain medical needs. If your family qualifies, you could also receive Medicaid, along with funding and services from other government programs.

However, you could have another option: a medical malpractice claim. Cerebral palsy could result from inadequate medical care during your child's birth. It's never too late to explore this possibility since the statute of limitations on many claims involving children are tolled (on hold). If you believe that your child's condition resulted from some medical mistake, discussing the matter with a knowledgeable and compassionate Maryland attorney could provide you with the compensation you need to care for your child.

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