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Fetal macrosomia and C-sections

Measurements are collected by your doctor in Maryland throughout your pregnancy to determine the approximate size of your baby. While you want a big, healthy newborn, according to the Mayo Clinic, as your infant approaches 9 pounds, there are risk factors that come into play. In fact, if your child weighs more than 8 pounds, 13 ounces at birth, he or she will be diagnosed with fetal macrosomia. Giving birth to such a large infant can have a number of damaging effects on your body, and on your child. At Michael H. Bereston, Inc., our legal team has counseled many parents after doctors did not recognize the need for a C-section due to macrosomia.

Because of the size of your infant, there is a likelihood that he or she will become stuck in the birth canal. This may lead to severe vaginal tissue tears and damage to the muscles of your perineal area. It could also cause fetal distress and lead to birth injuries, or the doctor may need to use a vacuum device or forceps to deliver the baby.

Your doctor may recommend a C-section to prevent any of the above from threatening your baby’s life or causing you serious medical harm. However, although a health care provider may suspect fetal macrosomia, until after the birth, it may be difficult to know whether or not your newborn will weigh more than 9 pounds. Ultrasounds and antenatal testing are often used to predict the condition if other risk factors such as gestational diabetes are present.

More information about fetal macrosomia, gestational diabetes and C-sections is available on our web page.

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