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Brain injury during birth leads to $42 million award

Maryland parents who are expecting a new baby should be able to focus on the joy and anticipation of the arrival of their bundle of joy. They should also be able to trust in the good judgement of their health care professionals from obstetricians to labor and delivery nurses and more. Sadly, there are times when these people let parents down and do not do the right things. Even more sad is that these situations can result in lifelong problems for parents and babies alike.

One five-year-old Pennsylvania today exemplifies this all too well. In the early phases of delivery, the doctor is said to have used forceps and pulled a total of four times. Upon birth, the baby is said to have had visible marks on his face from the forceps. In a matter of only a few hours after birth, the newborn was experiencing bleeding and pressure in his head. To date, he has had six operations on his spine and brain.

Doctors say the boy will never be able to speak, read, write or effectively control his emotions. While his parents are able to care for him for now, it is predicted that he will need institutionalized care by the age of 22. After a six-day trial, the family was awarded $42 million. The award included amounts for pain and suffering, past and future medical and care costs, loss of future earnings and fringe benefits.

When a birth injury happens, families might want to learn how to seek compensation by talking with an experienced lawyer.

Source: Public Opinion Online, "Chambersburg family awarded $42M after doctor causes birth injury," April 20, 2017

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