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What is a uterine rupture?

While childbirth should bring about joy for women in Maryland, there are numerous complications that can cause harm to both mother and child. Uterine ruptures are just one complication that may prove highly dangerous during the birthing process.

According to Healthline.com, uterine rupture affects approximately 1 percent of the millions of women who give birth in the United States on a yearly basis. Women who’ve undergone previous uterine surgeries, such as caesarian births, are at risk of experiencing uterine ruptures. The health and well-being of mother and child can be in jeopardy should this complication occur.

In terms of the survival rate, swift diagnosis and treatment are key to mitigating the effects of uterine rupture. This entails stemming blood loss in the mother while also performing surgery to remove the baby to prevent suffocation. If blood loss is severe, the mother will most likely need a blood transfusion. About 1 percent of mothers and 6 percent of babies succumb to uterine ruptures.  

Uterine rupture occurs when pressure builds during childbirth. Uterine scarring can become weakened and tear during the birthing process, which results in the baby moving from its correct position and into the abdomen. Because caesarian births are exceedingly common in the United States (with one out of three women undergoing the procedure), uterine ruptures have become an increasing risk.

Symptoms of uterine rupture include pain between contractions, as well as a decrease in intensity of contractions while giving birth. The mother may also experience a rapid heart rate and signs of shock, while the baby will exhibit an abnormal heart rate due to loss of oxygen.

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