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What are some causes of birth injuries and when can you sue?

No parent likes to think about the possibility that their child will suffer birth injuries. However, injuries can happen during pregnancy, labor and delivery that can result in medical issues. 

When dealing with birth injuries, or birth trauma, it is important to understand common causes. It also is vital to understand when injuries could have been prevented through more careful medical treatment from skilled doctors, nurses, surgeons and others involved in the birth process.

Several factors can cause birth injuries, including the following:

  • Baby is not head-first into birth canal (breach)
  • Umbilical cord gets wrapped around a baby's neck
  • Baby is born too early (premature)
  • Size or shape of mother's pelvis makes birth difficult
  • Labor is long or especially difficult
  • Baby does not receive enough oxygen
  • An emergency caesarian birth is necessary
  • Devices like vacuum or forceps are used to deliver the baby
  • Baby or mother may receive wrong medication or wrong dose of medication
  • Failure to diagnose treatable conditions

Although these are all reasons why babies suffer birth injuries, not every situation warrants a malpractice lawsuit against the doctor, hospital or other medical staff. In general, you must prove that some form of negligence occurred that directly contributed to the birth injury.

Given the difficulties of medical malpractice cases for birth injuries, it is vital to obtain experienced legal representation. Contact an attorney to discuss your situation and legal options. They can help advocate for justice on your behalf, and argue your case for compensation to cover medical bills, rehabilitation and other damages.

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