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Preeclampsia puts moms and babies at risk

Pregnant women in Maryland know that they need to stay on top of their health and the health of their unborn babies all the way through to birth. Expectant parents should also be able to count on their obstetricians and other medical professionals to help them with this along the way. If a problem arises, the proper and prompt response can sometimes make a world of difference. One condition that must be watched for is called preeclampsia.

As explained by Preeclampsia.org, this condition affects as many as eight percent of pregnancies and if not properly treated may lead to the death of either babies or mothers. It is not possible to cure preeclampsia so managing it becomes essential. Preeclampsia is most common in the latter half of pregnancies but may even appear for a few weeks after birth. Among the predominant symptoms are excessive protein in the urine and unusually high blood pressure.

According to WebMD, preeclampsia that is not appropriately managed may evolve into full eclampsia. At this stage, mothers may experience seizures. Treatment for preeclampsia may require maternal bed rest until it is safe to deliver. Prescription medications may be used to keep mothers' blood pressure down, to control seizures and even to facilitate babies' lung development. If a pregnancy is far enough along, a baby may be delivered.

Treatment should also include frequent monitoring of mothers' urine and blood as well as babies' heart rates. Other symptoms women may notice include swelling in the extremities and changes in their vision.

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