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Women often receive inadequate medical care after childbirth

The medical community made great strides in the past century making a safer delivery process for both mothers and children. In the 18th century, about 1 in 100 mothers died during childbirth. In the United States, it is about 1 in 4,000. But, those rosy numbers mask a persistent underlying issue, vast numbers of women experience severe medical problems after childbirth, many of which go undiagnosed and untreated.

A variety of studies estimates that 50 to 80 percent of women who give birth suffer from tears in the pelvic skin and muscles. Furthermore, one in ten reports that the tearing is so severe that they are unable to control their bowels. A study conducted in Canada found that 50 percent of new mothers reported urinary incontinence a full year after giving birth and three-quarters of them mentioned persistent, residual back pain.

While doctors do an excellent job of warning mothers about the dangers of cesarean sections, Down syndrome, spina bifida, and other birth issues, surprisingly few discuss the long-term health impacts of giving vaginal birth. Women experience a variety of ongoing issues from stress urinary incontinence (i.e. laughing or coughing can result in "accidents") to pelvic organ prolapse, a painful condition in which the bladder or uterus sags.

Did you receive insufficient treatment after giving childbirth? If yes, then you may want to speak to an attorney. Many doctors continually fail to provide mothers with adequate care after childbirth; many take for granted that women can easily recover from the delivery process, which is incredibly traumatic on female bodies. A lawyer can help you secure compensation for your injuries to ensure that your medical expenses and long-term care are adequately addressed. You don't need to muddle your way through your medical bills; a lawyer can help.

Source: Mother Jones, "The Scary Truth About Childbirth," Kiera Butler, Jan/Feb 2016 Issue

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