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Holding therapists and psychologists accountable

Many people know that they can sue their doctor if their doctor makes a mistake during treatment and that error harms them. But what you may not know is that you can also hold your psychologists or therapist accountable if they fail to treat you. Psychology may sound like a "squishy" area of medicine in which it 's hard to treat, let alone cure, people of their issues. But therapists, like medical doctors, are held to a professional standard which requires them to treat you reasonably and do their best to help you.

To win a professional negligence suit against your psychologist, you need to prove the same things you would in any other case. You must establish that the therapist owes you a duty, she breached that duty, and you suffered harm because of that violation. You generally would rely on experts, just like against a medical doctor, to prove that the psychologist did not behave appropriately for someone in her profession.

Most of these lawsuits focus on self-harm or harm to others. Some states require psychologists and therapists to report their patients whenever they believe it is possible their patient could harm others or commit self-harm. Before this rule, psychologists were prevented from revealing anything about the treatment, even if it meant other people or the patient would get hurt.

If you believed your psychologist or therapist failed to diagnose your condition and you suffered harm because of that failure, you may want to speak to a lawyer. As stated above, psychologists are required to take certain precautions if they believe you are possible of committing self-harm. They are not allowed to cut you loose without warning someone and attempting to get you the assistance you need. A lawyer can go over the facts and advise you of the best way to pursue compensation for your injuries.

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