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Failure to diagnose results in $2.5 million lawsuit

Failure to diagnose sounds like a good little mistake that doctors occasionally make, after all, diagnosing an illness is complicated. Anyone who watched House knows that there is a multitude of explanations for symptoms and therefore doctors rely on their experience and training to correctly diagnose illnesses, however, failure to diagnose is still an ongoing issue because doctors are human and make mistakes.

One such error resulted in a $2.5 million verdict for the patient. The patient went to the hospital complaining of back pain and pelvic numbness. The nurse practitioner discharged her, diagnosing it as common back pain. The doctor never examined the patient but ratified the nurse's actions.

The patient returned two days later complaining of new symptoms. She was then correctly diagnosed with a back issue. However, it was too late, and she suffered permanent injuries.

The nurse relied on her experience and diagnosed it as common back pain. The woman exhibited disk bulges in her past but did not on this occasion. The doctor and the nurse failed to ask the patient about her medical history or to recognize the significance of the numb pelvis. The nurse did not bear the patient ill will, but fatigue combined up to cloud the nurse and doctor's judgment.

Failures to diagnose can even result from issues such as back pain. But it isn't up to you to identify the cause of your discomfort; that is why nurses and doctors are paid so well. An attorney could help you get compensation if you suffered a worsened condition due to a failure to diagnose a disease. You shouldn't pay for your medical bills; they weren't your fault.

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