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November 2016 Archives

Failure to diagnose results in $2.5 million lawsuit

Failure to diagnose sounds like a good little mistake that doctors occasionally make, after all, diagnosing an illness is complicated. Anyone who watched House knows that there is a multitude of explanations for symptoms and therefore doctors rely on their experience and training to correctly diagnose illnesses, however, failure to diagnose is still an ongoing issue because doctors are human and make mistakes.

When is a chiropractor liable?

Chiropractors are not medical doctors however when they cause injury; they are liable for the harm. State laws differ on the specifics of chiropractor liability but usually follow the same liability standard as doctors. This post will go over how you can establish liability and seek recovery for your injuries from a chiropractor.

How can a birth injury law firm help you?

Birth injuries are remarkably complex to address. Understanding and treating the injury is complicated, coming up with a treatment plan is hard, finding ways to pay for it may seem insurmountable, the issues continue to pile on. Fortunately, birth injury law firms can guide you through this mess and help you gain some control. This post will go over the basics of birth injuries and how a law firm can help.

Legal issues in birth defects

Birth defects, sadly, continue to occur despite the best efforts of modern medicine. Various estimates believe that 7 percent of all babies are born with birth defects, ranging from very minor to severe. Many birth defects are due to natural causes; this post will go over the legal issues surrounding birth defects.

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