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What is “informed consent” in medical parlance?

One of the latest and most influential medical malpractice reforms is the imposition of “informed consent.” Doctors wield enormous power over patients. Patients rely on doctor’s knowledge and experience to make medical decisions. Doctors

All standard medical procedures once started as experimental or theoretical. It is up to doctors to advise patients of every reasonable outcome from the procedure. For instance, if there are known side-effects or possible outcomes, the doctor must inform you of them before operating. Moreover, most hospitals should have you sign a release form that acknowledges you understand your rights.

Additionally, doctors must also advise patients of all possible procedures, including not performing any procedure. The doctor can tell you which procedure she believes is the most likely to succeed but she cannot omit alternative possible solutions. It isn’t up to the doctor to edit which information you receive because that could sway or control your decision. You alone own the right to decide your medical treatment, doctors may only act as advisors.

If you believe your doctor did not give you the necessary information, then you may want to speak to an attorney. Medical malpractice attorneys can walk you through the various options for recovery. For instance, if you relied on the doctor to make a medical decision while there was an alternative procedure, and it turned out poorly, you may be entitled to compensation. It is up to the doctor to make sure you have all the necessary information, a lawyer can help you find out what exactly happened. 

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