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Medical malpractice experts may be liable for unreliable reports

A common and unfortunate result in many medical malpractice suits is that they often end in dueling testimony and expert witness reports from the plaintiff and defense. The judge and jury are forced to rely on two "experts" who draw vastly different conclusions from the same situation. These "dueling" reports and testimonies confuse judges and juries. If the experts cannot agree on who is at fault, how can the jury expert draw a reasonable conclusion?

An authoritative report asserts that many expert witnesses submit unreliable reports and testimony. As a result, many states and professional organizations are cracking down on expert witnesses. Experts can now be sued and sanctioned if they give reports or testimony that does not meet certain standards.

Your attorney should be aware of these standards and hold your expert to them. Your expert is often the crux of your case; you need the expert to establish the duty of care and that your doctor violated it. If the expert is unable to establish those facts competently, it is likely that your case will not succeed.

If you believe you were injured because a doctor made a medical error, then you may want to speak with a medical malpractice lawyer. Medical malpractice cases are a different beast from other personal injury suits. They require your attorney to understand the nuances of medical reports and testimony. They also need your attorney to have deep connections in the medical community to procure the right expert witness. You don't need to go through litigation alone; a lawyer can help.

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