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Do you need to know more about birth injury cases?

A birth injury is an injury suffered by your child during the delivery process. There are a few specific injuries that are common to the birthing process and can result in long-term medical issues like cerebral palsy. This post will go over the basics of a birth injury case and how a lawyer can help you.

Birth injuries are far more complicated than the average medical malpractice suit. Firstly, the victims are unable to articulate the nature of their injuries or even if they have injuries. Many parents can go weeks or months before they notice that their child suffered an injury. Moreover, many doctors are not adequately trained which can result in the improper use of tools which causes injuries.

The most common injuries are broken bones. The delivery process is incredibly traumatic on a baby, even if it goes 100 percent correctly. The child is contorted and forced through a small opening and broken bones do occasionally happen.

Another common injury is damage to the brain or spinal cord. Often during emergency cesarean sections, the child is left without sufficient oxygen which can cause brain injuries. Also, a standard tool used by doctors are the forceps which can damage a baby's brain if improperly used. Brain injuries are tricky because it is hard to diagnose them. Often parents go for years before they realize that their child has a brain injury and a subsequent condition, like cerebral palsy.

If your child was injured during delivery, then you may want to speak with a lawyer that focuses his practice on birth injuries. Birth injuries are remarkably complex, and the stakes are incredibly high. You probably have not considered this, but if your child suffered significant injuries, he or she would need money to pay for their long-term care. Often, insurance and government programs are insufficient to cover the full extent of the costs. Therefore, you must obtain the remainder through litigation. A lawyer can help you get those funds and plan for your child's future.

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