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October 2016 Archives

Study finds concussions still a concern for sports head injuries

It may seem like since concussions and football have faded from mass media coverage, that it is no longer a problem. But a recent study from the Harris Health System found that football and soccer players are still subject to dangerous levels of concussions, despite recent advances in safety gear and legislation. This study illustrates that continued reform and advances in safety technology are necessary to address these issues.

Medical malpractice experts may be liable for unreliable reports

A common and unfortunate result in many medical malpractice suits is that they often end in dueling testimony and expert witness reports from the plaintiff and defense. The judge and jury are forced to rely on two "experts" who draw vastly different conclusions from the same situation. These "dueling" reports and testimonies confuse judges and juries. If the experts cannot agree on who is at fault, how can the jury expert draw a reasonable conclusion?

Women's injuries during delivery often go undiagnosed

A series of recent studies found that women often suffer serious injuries after giving birth and rarely receive the medical attention they require. Giving birth to a child is a wondrous experience, but it is also incredibly brutal and hard on women's bodies. Unfortunately, many women's injuries go undiagnosed, sometimes for years, after giving birth.

Do you need to know more about birth injury cases?

A birth injury is an injury suffered by your child during the delivery process. There are a few specific injuries that are common to the birthing process and can result in long-term medical issues like cerebral palsy. This post will go over the basics of a birth injury case and how a lawyer can help you.

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