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Researchers find that Zika may damage adult brain cells

Whenever the Zika virus is mentioned, people associate it with birth defects and brain abnormalities in developing fetuses. It spread like wildfire across Brazil and South America. A few months ago Zika jumped into the Caribbean and just recently into mainland United States. To date, there is no significant funding or resources allocated to develop a cure. But that hasn't stopped independent researchers, like at Rockefeller University, from investigating the virus.

The Zika virus is transmitted through mosquito bites and the exchange of bodily fluids. The Zika Virus is known for attacking the development of the brain in fetuses, but researchers at Rockefeller University found that it might also damage adult brain cells.

The researchers tested their theory on adult mice. They concluded that the virus attacks the brain in two regions that are responsible for learning and memory. Unlike in fetal brains, which are affected everywhere, adult brains are only affected in those two regions.

But the effect on adult brains is much less pronounced than in a baby's brain. It is possible that only a few adults may be susceptible. But the researchers stress that they lack the tools to study the long-term effects of Zika and therefore additional reports are required.

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