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Can MRI's benefit mothers after childbirth?

A study from the University of Michigan sought to answer this question by placing several new mothers through MRIs to measure the extent of their injuries. MRIs are traditionally used in sports medicine after an athlete sustains an injury. The researchers found that new mothers suffer similar injuries as endurance sports athletes and that MRIs are well-placed to identify these injuries to ensure that these mothers receive the treatment they need.

Paradoxically, new mothers receive post-partum treatment that is mostly uniform. Doctors observe mothers for up to six weeks after childbirth and if she "checks out" they send her on her way. But the researchers found that some injuries suffered during childbirth could take eight months or more to heal properly. This lead the researchers to conclude that delivery can result in injuries that are just as if not more traumatic than many athletic injuries and should, therefore, receive similar treatment practices.

The researchers observed several women under MRIs to measure the extent, if any, of their post-childbirth injuries. The researchers found that in one-quarter of the observed women, the MRI showed fluid in the pubic bone or fractures. Additionally, the researchers observed muscle tears and tissue detachment from the pelvic bone in 41 percent of the women. A further two-thirds had excess fluid in their muscles, which indicate severe muscle strain.

Together these numbers illustrate that women suffer serious injuries after childbirth and that many of those injuries overlap. Several of these women displayed at least two of the three observed injuries if not all three.

The standard solution that most doctors prescribe women is to do Kegels to improve muscle strength. But Kegels will not resolve the severity of these injuries, sustained and individualized treatment is required.

Every doctor (or at least should) advises you of the potential for injuries. Your doctor should have walked you through each of these as a possibility during delivery. If you suffered one of these injuries and the doctor did not treat or identify your injuries, then you may want to speak with a lawyer to determine if you have a meritorious claim for personal injury. A lawyer work toward helping you obtain compensation to pay for any additional medical bills you might incur.

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