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Measuring the severity of a traumatic brain injury

Brain injuries are insidious because the extent of the harm is so difficult to measure. An injury that might be fatal in one situation is relatively minor in another. It also comes down to the individual person and how their body reacts to the trauma. There are two ways to measure traumatic brain injuries: the Glasgow Coma Scale and through the use of cranial topography and magnetic resonance imaging.

GSC rates three aspects of functioning.

  • It measures eye opening.
  • It measures eye movement.
  • It also measures verbal response.

The higher a person's score, the lighter their coma conversely, the lower a persons' GSC score, the deeper their coma, and the more severe their brain injury. It is also important to note that CTs and MRIs cannot measure every type of brain injury, so it is possible that a person may be in a deep coma but show no injuries on the scans..

The other primary method of measuring traumatic brain injuries is through the use of CTs and MRIs. CTs are a type of X-ray that can reveal blood clots, swelling and bruises on the brain. A doctor will generally order several CTs if a person suffered a moderate to severe brain injury, to track the changes of the injury. MRIs create maps of a person's brain based on the magnetic properties of the molecules in the tissue.

Brain injuries can result in a variety of situations, most commonly, car accidents. If you suffered a brain injury then you may want to speak to an attorney to discuss your options. Brain injuries are difficult to assess because it could take weeks or months for symptoms to manifest. But it is important you do not brush these injuries away because they could prove to be fatal. A lawyer can work on your behalf in an effort to get the compensation you need to ensure that you receive the compensation you will need to pay for your medical bills..

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