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Five Common Surgical Mistakes, Part 2

Surgeries, no matter how routine, are always a little dangerous. Lucky, most surgeries go off without a problem. But that still leaves thousands of patients who are injured due to surgical errors and during recovery. A previous post discussed how doctors occasionally leave objects inside of patients and that improper hygiene procedures by the surgical team often result in preventable infections. This post will discuss the last three surgical errors: falls, medication errors and wrong-site surgeries.

Falls are a very common injury in hospitals. Hospitals are constantly battling with spilled liquids, medications and small tools that can trip up hospital staff and patients alike. In fact, there are entire seminars dedicated to training hospital staff to identify and remove these hazards. Another issue during surgery requires the team to move your body around for better access by the doctor. If you are not properly secured, you can slip off the table. It does occur occasionally.

Medication errors are another unfortunately common error. Doctors do not remember patient history and issue incorrect medications. Nurses dispense the wrong dosage or give it to the patient improperly. Hospital admission due to adverse drug effects total almost 100,000 every year for adults over 65. Most hospitals introduce multiple checks to ensure that the correct medication and dosage is being administered but hospitals are run by people who are prone to make mistakes.

Finally, it is occurring less and less now but surgeons to occasionally operate on the wrong limb or body-part. Surgeons, unlike general practitioners, do not spend time bonding with their patients therefore they do not have the same level of personal knowledge. Surgeons rely upon accurate charts to ensure that they are operating on the correct patient for the correct reason.

If you were injured during a surgery due to a doctor's or nurse's negligence, then you may want to call an attorney that focuses his practice on medical malpractice issues. Medical malpractice cases are complicated lawsuits that require attorneys and patients to become semi-medical experts to understand the various notes and reports compiled by hospitals. An attorney can help you understand your case and prepare it, so you get fair treatment to recover compensation.

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