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How can cerebral palsy be traced to negligence?

Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder that affects muscle control, coordination and balance. It significantly impacts your child's ability to navigate and move on their own. Most cerebral palsy develops early in childhood. It is the result of a brain injury that occurs before, during or after birth. Many injuries are sustained during the birthing process due to improper techniques or errors made by the doctor. How do you know if doctor negligence caused it?

Doctors, hospitals and nurses all take meticulous notes before, during and after procedures. A birth injury attorney can get these records and review them for errors. An attorney can also tell if the records have been altered or changed.

Hospitals are run by people, so it is natural for them to want to protect themselves. It isn't malicious or intentional; it is normal. An attorney can cut through these initial reactions to find the answers you deserve. If it is found that negligence was the cause of your baby's injury, then an attorney can help you hold the hospital and their insurance carrier responsible for that error.

Cerebral palsy is a devastating diagnosis for a baby. It will impact his their development and ability to care for themselves for the rest of their lives. You probably aren't thinking about it, but you need to consider how you're going to pay for all of those medical bills and therapies. Government programs are underfunded and unable to provide all the support you will need. An attorney can get you the answers you deserve and work to get the compensation you need to care for your child far into the future. Don't risk your future or your child's by not delving in to get answers.

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