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Five Common Surgical Mistakes, Part 1

Surgery has risks. The doctor could make a mistake. The nursing team could forget an instrument. Or sometimes things just go wrong, like a complication or unknown medical issue pops up. Unfortunately, surgeons still make preventable mistakes during surgery. This post will address two of those common causes.

Doctors and nurses leave foreign objects in patients about 4,000 times a year. Usually it is a surgical sponge or gauze. You may wonder, "How is that possible? Wouldn't a doctor notice dropping something into a person's body?" unfortunately, surgeries are a messy business. Doctors must use sponges to soak up blood to allow them to see. These sponges are occasionally packed into patients and are sometimes forgotten.

Hospitals minimize these mistakes by counting sponges and even introducing scanners to register all the tools but mistakes still occur.

Another error is infections. Infections are a very common result after a surgery. Your skin is the primary defense against foreign bacteria and during surgeries people are opened up. This leaves them vulnerable to everything from 'staph' to the flu. Additionally, surgeries are very draining on a person's body, which leaves them weakened and less able to fight off an infection.

About 1 in 20 patients develop an infection every year after a surgery. This amounts to 98,000 deaths a year. Infections while never completely preventable can be controlled. Hospitals often require nurses and doctors to observe strict hygiene procedures to minimize infectious exposure. Failure to observe these techniques could result in a medical malpractice claim.

If a doctor left an object inside of you or operated on the wrong site, you may want to contact an attorney. Unfortunately both of these conditions require additional surgeries to correct them, the former because the object must be removed and the latter because your underling condition remains. This means that you are facing additional medical bills, lost work time and other costs. You shouldn't have to pay for these yourself, you were the victim. An attorney can help you work to get the compensation you deserve to cover these expenses.

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