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Pancreatic cancer is frequently misdiagnosed

A study presented at the annual Digestive Disease Week found that pancreatic cancer was misdiagnosed 31 percent of the time. This study highlights the nebulous nature of modern medicine. Doctors are called upon to examine patients and deduce disease and sickness with indirect observation. Doctors are unable to directly observe most diseases and they must infer based upon symptoms and tests. Unfortunately, this means that many patients may be misdiagnosed and that could seriously endanger their health.

The study analyzed the records of 313 patients and found that 98 of them were initially misdiagnosed. It found that the patients were most frequently misdiagnosed with gallbladder disease, peptic ulcer disease (ulcers) and gastroesophageal reflux disease (acid reflux). These misdiagnoses resulted in needless surgeries in 38 cases.

Unfortunately, these misdiagnoses are dangerous. Nearly 40 percent of misdiagnosed patients, when properly diagnosed, had Stage IV cancer. This is compared to nearly 24 percent in the properly-diagnosed patients. This indicates that misdiagnosed patients developed advanced cancer at higher rates because their treatment was delayed. In fact, on average, misdiagnosed patients take three and a half months to properly diagnose versus a few weeks for properly diagnosed patients.

Pancreatic cancer is very dangerous. Time is of the essence when it comes to treating it. Misdiagnoses take months to correct which, as illustrated above, could be fatal.

If you were improperly diagnosed, you may want to speak to a lawyer. It may seem counter-intuitive. However, if a doctor knows he or she made a serious mistake, they will work to limit their legal exposure. An attorney can ensure that you get the answers you need and the compensation you deserve.

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