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Causes of medication errors

Modern medicine is a complex arena that involves nurses, doctors and medical assistants. The level of cooperation allows for hospitals to tackle extraordinarily complex medical issues but that also means that any medical team is only as good as its most careless member. This means that while medication errors are easily preventable, they are also paradoxically easy to occur. All it takes is a single mistake.

In an attempt to reduce the rate of medication errors, the Food and Drug Administration collected a bunch of studies and listed the various ways in which hospitals can work to reduce medication errors. Contrary to popular opinion, medication errors are committed by doctors, nurses, pharmacists and family members. The cause ranges from misreading poor penmanship to incorrect calculations or even misunderstanding drug labels. Generally speaking, these errors are not the result of a single person's mistake but a systemic failure by the team.

It could be a combination of the doctor's poor penmanship, improper labeling on medication bottles and the nurse failing to double check. If any one of those issues had been resolved, it is possible that the medication error may not have occurred.

The key to reducing these errors is greater cooperation and oversight by fellow team members. Double checks by fellow nurses and reviews by doctors are critical to ensuring that correct information is conveyed and medications dispensed.

If you were injured because a nurse or doctor gave you the incorrect medication or dosage, then you may have an actionable claim for medical malpractice. As you can see, these cases are still far more common than they should be. An attorney can review your case and help you get the answers and compensation you deserve.

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