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One percent of doctors account for 32 percent of claims

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that about one percent of doctors accounted for 32 percent of paid out claims. This study was conducted over a ten year period from 2005 to 2014. It reviewed 66,426 paid claims against 54,099 doctors. This means that some doctors had multiple claims filed against them within this ten year period. This article will go over those numbers and what it means for your treatment.

Among the doctors who had paid claims, 84 percent only had one claim filed against them, which accounts for 68 percent of all the paid claims. A further 16 percent of doctors had at least two claims which accounted for 32 percent of paid claims. And finally that four percent had at least three claims which accounted for 12 percent of claims that paid out. These results were all within the study's aforementioned time frame.

This means that a doctor who paid out twice was twice as likely to pick up a third malpractice claim as a doctor that only had one. This means doing some personal research about a doctor could be key to understanding your risk of injury. Get second opinions and ask around. As of now, determining malpractice claims distribution in an area of the medical profession that needs improvement.

If your doctor made a mistake during your surgery or treatment then you may want to speak to a lawyer. As this study illustrates, the vast majority of doctors never have claims filed against them. Most medical malpractice claims result from a few negligent doctors. Ask around before agreeing to see a doctor. The opinions of nurses and other doctors matter and could help you avoid seeing the wrong doctor.

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